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Lindsay Lohan Has Lost Her Makeup Sense (Again)

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Lindsay Lohan at Album Wrap PartyBless her. From looking too orange to Halloween scary to pale, pale, pale; Lindsay Lohan can now add “What the….” to her makeup list. Doesn’t anyone comment or say something about her makeup before she steps out and have her picture plastered all over the globe?

The awful extended cat’s eye and the slap dash bubble gum lipstick for instant?

We understand she has had it a bit rough on the way but to look this rough is well, disappointing. After all, she is a beautiful girl who needs very

Another Lindsay Lohan makeup boo boo …

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Men Prefer Women With Smokey Eye Makeup

August 11, 2012 Leave a comment

iman - smokey eyesAccording to, 73% of men prefer their partners with makeup on with the smokey eye look taking top poll. 21% said they only liked their partner to “doll up” for special occasions and only a paltry 6% said they prefer the natural look.

Even Gwen Stefani admitted that her husband prefers her with makeup on.

“‘He likes it when I’m wearing make-up,’ she said, adding that the day she was interviewed by the magazine she had, ‘already put my make-up on twice today: I put

Men prefer the smokey eye look…

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