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Diana Still Mourned After Fifteen Years

September 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Fifteen years ago today, Princess Diana was involved in a car crash in Paris which lead to her death. This was how the BBC


Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute

Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


reported it:


“1997: Princess Diana dies in Paris crash
Diana, Princess of Wales, has died after a car crash in Paris.


She was taken to hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning where surgeons tried for two hours to save her life but she died at 0300 BST.


In a statement Buckingham Palace said the Queen and the Prince of Wales were “deeply shocked


Princess Diana Remembered …




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Intelligent Techno Sensual Clothing

August 21, 2012 Leave a comment

daredroid-cocktail-making-dressOnce in a while, an exhibition comes along to challenge the norm. Even Karl Lagerfeld, the king of the Paris fashion scene is no match for some of the technical and ’emotional’ clothing on show at the Vienna ‘Technosensual’ exhibition in Austria.

Think about a mood detecting dress that can reflect your heart rate, respiration, skin sensitivity and you can emit color changes, fog vapors, light bulbs to tell others what’s going on inside your mind. Like that person? your dress could turn

See the technosensual clothing here …

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