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Tips For Fall 2012-13 Makeup Trend

August 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Stella McCartney-fw12-multi color lashesThe summer is almost over and we are all looking forward to some cool autumnal weather. What better time to start looking into the fall 2012-13 makeup trend and preparing for the new season?

So even if you are lying by the pool or sitting on a beach, here are some fall 2012 makeup trends to look out for and there is something for everyone:
1) Skin

The flawless natural looking skin is still very much in evidence so if you are still not wearing some form of sunscreen, there is

Fall 2012 Makeup Trends here …

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Lindsay Lohan Has Lost Her Makeup Sense (Again)

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Lindsay Lohan at Album Wrap PartyBless her. From looking too orange to Halloween scary to pale, pale, pale; Lindsay Lohan can now add “What the….” to her makeup list. Doesn’t anyone comment or say something about her makeup before she steps out and have her picture plastered all over the globe?

The awful extended cat’s eye and the slap dash bubble gum lipstick for instant?

We understand she has had it a bit rough on the way but to look this rough is well, disappointing. After all, she is a beautiful girl who needs very

Another Lindsay Lohan makeup boo boo …

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Mens Makeup – Move Over Girls…

June 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Mens Makeup – did us girls really think makeup was sacrilegious to us only? Or that retailers and marketers are going to let this segment of the market go untapped?men with makeup

Men have insecurities about looking good too and now marketers are moving in like packs of wolves to cater to (and accentuate) these weak spots. Sure, we all want to see better groomed men who look after themselves, but lip gloss and eye cream?

“I think what you start to realize is that men have been made to feel just as

Get the scope on mens makeup here….



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Finnish Makeup Artist Does Avenger Eyes

June 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Avengers Here We Come!

Thor Makeup Graph

Thor Makeup Graph

Inspired by the new Avengers movie coming out soon, Finnish makeup artist Jangsara has created some amazing looks to compliment each action hero.

We love her eye makeup and what’s even better, she has created a step by step makeup application sequence that you can follow.

More on How to do Avenger Eye Makeup….





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